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  • What is aluminum extrusion, fabrication, and anodization?
    Aluminum Extrusion refers to a process of creating shapes with an aluminum billet or log by forcing it to flow through a shaped opening in a die. Aluminum can be extruded into standard shapes or specific designs depending on a customer’s preference. Aluminum Fabrication refers to building aluminum components by cutting, mitering, notching, piercing, forming, bending, CNC machining, mechanical assembly and welding. Aluminum Anodization is an electro-chemical process of coating aluminum with a thin layer of oxide to increase corrosion resistance and harden the surface.  Aluminum also can be dyed with various anodizing colours, which in most cases, are resistant to sunlight.
  • Can you briefly introduce Avesta Aluminium Industries Ltd.?
    Avesta Aluminium Industries Limited founded in 2006 is one of leading and professional manufacturers integrating the design, production and sales of aluminium profiles. Focused on the industry of aluminium for more than 15 years and strictly enforced ISO-9001:2015 international quality management system certification, which made Avesta Aluminium has become one of the largest aluminium manufacturers in Bangladesh.
  • Do you provide accessories/fittings of Aluminium Profiles? Are you retail?
    Yes, Industry aluminium profile is a set of system. We do supply not only the profiles but matched accessories such as Joint/T bolt and bracket. Of course we retail the accessories even if you only need one piece.
  • What kind of international standard certifications have your company acquired?
    We acquired ISO9001: 2015 quality management system certification and strictly implement on our production according this certification requirement.
  • Do your moulds make in-house or outside?
    We have in-house mould workshop for all moulds making process, it guarantee our products quality and punctual delivery.
  • How many workers in your factory?
    more than 200.
  • What’s your minimum thickness?
  • why choose aluminium alloy window & door?
    Compared with wooden window & door, aluminium window & door has its merits: 1. Light weight, strong and durable. It is about 50% lighter than steel window & door; it has a good performance on anti-corrosion, and anodizing coloring layer does not fall off, no fading. 2. Good sealing. Including air tightness, water tightness and sound insulation. 3. Beautiful and bright color and good finish. 4. Formaldehyde-free and other indoor pollution, green and environmental. Compared with PVC or UPVC (Plastic Steel) window & door, aluminium window & door has its merits: 1. Material Guarantee. UPVC (Plastic Steel) is a mixture of plastic and few steel, the main material is still PVC. 2. Style color variety. 3. High strength, light weight, good lighting, perfect fire prevention and has a salvage value.
  • How many tons have your company yearly production capability?
    Our annual output reaches 38,000 tons at the present stage. Once the second project finishes, the output can reach 80,000 tons.
  • How about your quality and price?
    We are pay most attention on our products quality, ensure our parts full satisfied to our customers, and our price is very completive on highest quality guarantee.
  • How about your company controls products quality?
    We have a quality department, and a team of experienced inspectors, and a various inspection facilities. Inspectors are strictly control produces quality; ensure conformed products stocked and delivered.